EthEnlargementPill for 1080 Ti safe/recommended settings? Noob here



Good day all, I have two EVGA GTX 1080 Ti GPUs and I want to enable the ethenlargementpill in HIVE OS in the overclock settings.

What is the recommended and safest (to not burn anything down) setting for ethash Algo to mine Ethereum Classic? I see that you can enter numbers for the core clock Mhz, memory clock Mhz, Fan%, power limit (watts). I can also switch on the OhGodAnETHlargementPill switch in HIVE overclock settings.

What is " Specify which device should be fed our senior solution, --revA 0,1,2,…"? Is this asking which GPU should be fed this setting?

What is the " Delay in seconds before running the pill" for?

Also, is this pill safe for long term use? Does it increase the Mh/s and keep the watt usage relatively low?


I use the pill on all rigs running [[EVGA 1080 Ti FTW 3]] cards without any additional parameters being required.

The first picture below is a rig mining ETC with 13 cards and overclock tuned for the lowest power consumption and highest stable hash rate. This rig is capable, without any changes in overclock tuning, to mine ETH, ETC or BTG. The hash rate is the same on Ethash algorithms. The second picture is BTG further demonstrating hashing power utilizing 8 cards on a different rig. Both rigs use the pill. Overclocking is up to you to experiment with as that affects stability and power consumption of the rig.

You ask about long term use and I would say that’s up to your tuning and whether you do two things correctly, 1) keep the power consumption low and 2) provide adequate cooling and air flow. Notice my temps rarely exceed 50 degrees Celsius in a climate controlled environment. If you run the cards at 70 degrees you are killing them and burning power. I have not noticed temperature changes using the pill.

My final comment is that if you don’t use the pill you are leaving shares on the table and wasting power needlessly. It’s all about difficulty, shares, rig stability and power consumption in my opinion; coin price excluded.


can you shared the OC profile?



I’m a bit reluctant on advising with Over Clocking because it is Brand and Board specific. Each manufacturer does things differently. To reiterate I am using EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 cards, no BIOS mods and in the default BIOS switch position. Your milage may vary and you do this at your own risk, I take no responsibility for the advise nor damages or losses you may incur.

I have been further playing with increased power consumption per card and it does a few things, 1) increases rig overall power consumption, 2) increase board temps, 3) increase cooling requirements and 4) increases hash rates. I’ve been mining mostly BTG these days as ETH and ETC have been too price volatile (on the decline) whereas BTG has increased and the price is more stable overall. BTG mining with EWBF seems to gain no benefit with the Pill whereas ETH and ETC most definitely gain from it’s usage.

BTG Specific: The image where the power limit is set to 150 yields ~920 Sols/s with 13 cards and the image with the power limit at 168 yields ~960 Sols/s. Again, greater power consumption, card temps and greater hash rate. Since some whales have been pounding BTG and to stay in the race for mined coins, I have opted for the higher power consumption. My equipment is in an environmentally controlled room with adequate cooling and additional air circulation plus the enclosed rig cases use Delta 4200 RPM fans (really loud).

Image with power limit set to 150

Image with power limit set to 168

Rig with 13 cards and 168 power level:

Good luck.