Ethminer stratum1+tcp


On the new versions of ethminer, --stratum-protocol has been depreciated and you need to use stratum1+tcp:// for some mining pools. Most of the mining pools I use require the stratum1+tcp protocol. I’ve had to rollback to HiveOS 0.5-41 in order to use ethminer.

Is it possible to change the syntax to use stratum1+tcp for certain Wallets in HiveOS?


I found the config files in /hive/bin/ and edited the ethminer config to use the correct syntax for anyone having the same issue.


Could you post some example configs side-by-side?


Mining pool which has -SP 1 for old version could be resplaced for prefix stratum1+tcp://

For example - dwarf, maxhash


-P stratum1+tcp://