During the last 5 days or so, I noticed a huge bump in my Stale Shares, from around 1% to above 3%. I have 5 different rigs located in different areas, all with the same problem so I started thinking it can’t be my network. The only common thing between all these rigs was HiveOn pool.
Checking my miner’s logs I could see some shares being submitted at abnormally high pings, as you can see below. My average ping to the pool is 74-75ms, but I was getting shares submitted in 200ms or even 1800ms.

So, I started some tests with stratum ping tools and found out that there is a problem with HiveOn pool, at least in the EU. Not only I had spikes in the ping reaching the 500ms+ latency, I also had packet losses. Here’s is an example of today’s situation:

Since yesterday, I have moved 3 out of 5 rigs to a new pool. Guess what, stale shares is back to 1%, actually it’s 0.83% in the new pool. My remaining 2 rigs on HiveOn pool, still suffer the high amount of stale shares, it’s even rising and almost at 3.5% now.

Please, devs and mods, fix your servers so I can come back and use your pool that I learned to love.


I’ve had the same issue the last few days. I do like the hiveon pool but I’ve been going some profitability comparison tests over on Sparkpool. Where did you point your rigs at out of interest?

I took the time to test different pools with stratum pings (there’s a tool specific for that) for a few hours before switching my rigs. I chose the pool with the lowest ping, which was flexpool in my case.

IMHO, this is ultimately the biggest factor one should consider when choosing a pool. The differences otherwise are negligible, and you can’t really factor profitability when there’s so much variation each day (even in the same pool).

Pick some pools you like (4-5 of them that you like their interface and features, payout scheme etc) and then do some extensive stratum pings. Go with with lowest one and you are gucci.