EVGA 3070 not applying OC and TUF 3070 having an invalid shares

Good morning all,

I’m new in this mining been only a 2 week, my rig has 2 GPU and it was working fine, I was using both with risers, now I’m using the EVGA card on my motherboard,
What should I do? what OC do I need to apply?
Thank you

Here is my setup. 2 rigs. one with 2 x GTX1060, 2 x RTX3070 running HiveOS and one with 1 x RTX3060 running Win10. Over Clocks for the 3070s Try Core: -400; Mem: 2600; PL: 125. I assume you are mining ETH. Those over clock should be a good base to start. Then you can dail down the Core and MEM 100 at a time i.e. Core: -300; Mem: 2400 etc. I have invalid shares but only 13 share after 26 hours of up time. Let me know how that works.

Thank you Neo72,

I restarted my rig, and now having the same OC so far no invalid shares yet, but if it shows again definitely I will use your OC settings, right now only my EVGA not responding the OC command and still giving me 51 mhs, I will see couple hours, and anything I experience I will share you.

Good to hear. I am using these OCs now and my 3070 (Gigabyte) has 3 invalid shares and my 3070 (PNY) has 25 invalid after 1 day 19 hours of operation. The Gigabyte card has had the 3 invalid the entire time with no change. The PNY card started with about 12 or so invalid and is at 25 as of this writing. I can live with a few but if it jumps into the 100s in a single day I will have to step thru OC settings to find the sweet spot for the cards.

Thats great, I do have 2 cards only at the moment, but will see how this daily earning go? mine now is constantly showing around 9$ I believe 2 weeks ago I started the earning was higher right?

I do see only 25 invalid shares on my TUF 3070 with 62mhs, and 0 invalid on EVGA3070 but this card still have only 52mhs not accepting the OC, I will take it out from motherboard switch the pic slot will see.

Thank you for sharing friend.

any thoughts for earning?

I use this website to input my current MH/s to get a read out on potential profit. Keep in mind these are est and will change as price change. Ethereum Mining Profitability Calculator

Its really great, thanks a lot

:+1: No problem.