EVGA 3090 Ultra Hybrid Kit - No Fan Speed Detected

I just recently added EVGA’s Hybrid Cooler to one of my 3090s and I’m not seeing the fan speed reflected. I can see the fan settings applied when I directly connect to the miner, but not in HiveOS.

I’ve updated the latest Hive build and have the latest drivers. Wondering if anyone else is successfully running the hybrid cooler and see the fan speed as expected.

I’m digging the 10 degree lower temp but would really like to see the fan speed.


My googlefoo skills didn’t work looking for EVGA 3090 not showing fan speed. I’m having the same issue EVGA 3090 Ultra and since its so obscure, I can’t find a solution.

having the same problem with my 3070ti!

i am having the exact same problem and mine looks like yours. is it normal to have it stay at 30% fan speed for the other ones?