External monitor?


I hava a cheap/new ASUS external monitor: ASUS VS197D-P 18.5" WXGA 1366x768 VGA Back-lit LED Monitor from Amazon and got it working with my ASUS XZ370-P motherboard and HIVE OS is showing up on the screen as it should. I know I can access SSH through the HIVE OS website from my laptop computer and monitor my HIVE OS settings through my iPhone and such, but why does the beginning screen upon booting up HIVE OS say “You have connected monitor to integrated GPU on the motherboard? Don’t do this. Connect monitor to the 1st external GPU (in 16x slot). However we will try to continue in 5 seconds” and so far its mining great and I already tried connecting the monitor to the 1st external GPU that is is the 16X slot and nothing was shown on the screen. It works perfectly on the on board DVI-D port. Am I missing something important here? Am I doing anything wrong by leaving the external monitor plugged into the integrated DVI-D port? I don’t have my monitor on all the time, its just there to monitor and stuff when I don’t feel like accessing my laptop.