First rig - 3090 + 3060

Hi guys,

new to mining, just set up my first rig and after a bit of OC this is how it’s running. I still have 2 x 3060 and 1 x 3070 to load, hopefully later today or tomorrow.

What do you think about the current settings and temps in terms of performance vs long term reliability? Any recommendations? Looking to improve the cooling, so any ideas are welcome.


How’s stability since you posted 6 days ago?

What’s your PSU setup with that many 3090s?

The rig is super stable, I got a few more GPUs now, 3 x 3090 coming tomorrow and Monday.


Hey Mate, pretty nice and optimized rig. Can you Tell me which miner you use? I use Phoenix Miner and my 3090 only gets 110 mhs and is running at 63C which is too hot for me.

I’m on Sparkpool with T-Rex miner.

Do you have any tips for me? My setup looks like this and the temps and fans are going crazy. I already installed fans behind the gpus.

Nobody? :frowning:

Disable autofan and set the fan speeds manually to 85% to start with, then fine tune from there, it fluctuates depending on ambient temperature, difficulty of the algo etc. Leave few minutes in between until it stabilises itself under 45-47C for each GPU. If you can’t get to these values, you need better cooling.

Another upgrade today, no more 3060 :slight_smile: