FIX: High Average Load with Intel Chip and ASRock/B250 Motherboards and other

Hello everyone,
I built a new rig with a BTC B250C OEM and a Intel® Core™ i5-6400T CPU and noticed very fast, that my average load is too high. After some hours the system crashed again and again.

After hours of debugging with: downgrade, fresh install, with one card, with all cards, with no cards, riser replacement etc. I think I found the solution:

It seems that there is a problem with my intel chip and the mainboard bios (ASRock skylake gpe6F). I came up with it because “top” showed me in the terminal, that a kworker process used 60-80% resources. I don’t use asrock but a btc board but it seems to be the same problem.

After applining this to my rig, the load is since some hours under 0.5 and it seems that this was the fix.

Maybe it is also helpfull for somebody else - cheers!