Flashed HiveOS on my SSD. SSD shows "HiveOS-install" as label

I flashed HiveOS on my SSD using Etcher on Win 10. Then I unplugged it from my laptop (I used a USB-SATA adapter) and plugged it back in.

The drive still didn’t show up. So I used disk manager to assign drive letters to every partition on the SSD that would accept drive letters (it allowed two drive letters).

The two partitions have labels of “HIVE-INSTALL” and “Local Disk”.

The root folder of HIVE-INSTALL contains two folders: .fseventsd and hive-config.stub as well as three files: flasher-config.txt, README.txt and RIG_ID_SEQUENCE.txt. I have explorer set to show hidden files so I know there are no others.

The root folder of Local Disk contains one folder: EFI.

So how do I go about copying the rig.conf file to the SSD?