Flight Sheet for dual mining ETH+KDA in gminer results in mining only ETH

I believe I set up the flight sheet to dual mine ETH+KDA in gminer properly but when I run the flight sheet I am only mining ETH in gminer. What am I doing wrong? Also, is it possible to write in my own miner commands instead of the using the drop down menus?

Sure … click on “Show all” button

im sorry im new to this os. where do I find this “Show all” button? I’ve looked on every page and dont see it.

nvm. turns out i had to click on “setup miner config” next to gminer and input the dual hash info in there because the dropdown options didnt do it. sorry for wasting your time.

I’m trying to do something similar, but I’m getting an error

unknown argument "--dserver"

gminer exited (exitcode=0), waiting to cooldown a bit

Skipping miner log rotation due to execution time < 30sec

the dserver portion is added by hive. I tried the second server with and without the stratum prefix

gminer NA
Tls 1
Algo ethash
Pass x
Algo2 blake2s
Port2 5400
Server %URL_HOST%
Server2 stratum+tcp://kda.f2pool.com
Template %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%
Intensity 10
Template2 %WAL%
User Config 
	--devices 1
	--lhr_autotune 1
	--lhr_mode 1

KDA and many more algos which now mineable on FPGA/ASICs removed support from GMiner a long time ago.
Need look to GMiner change log when it happens and use very old version.

But KDA? Man … It’s unprofitable on GPUs since it’s mined on ASICs and FPGA.


I was trying to use a little more of my lhr cards. I’m already dual mining with t-rex, and wanted another option for a second coin. Didn’t know that kda had moved to asics, thanks