FLUX OC with 3060 TI LHR Hynix

Hi guys, Im really need help … I am trying to find a good OC and test the Zelhash (FLUX) algorithm.
Some oc recommended .


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The 3060 Ti are on Flux with minerpool org. and miner Miniz , not the best but i hope some People are showing her Results…

Im using Miniz, 3060 TI LHR , if I use the same OC than you temperature to high… I hope get something better


i have 50+ on hynix miniz. Saw some OC on YT in comments.

CORE 240 MEM 2020 PL 160.


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Hi, could you tell me which miner you are using and which version of nvidia you use. Thank you

Latest driver and miniz miner. Best for flux :slight_smile:

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Middle ground for me. Geforce xlr8 PNY Hynix mem. 200/2000/140w =50.6 sol efficiency 0.34 Still working on the fine tuning.

Настройки сверху не подошли, пришлось подобрать свои

Getting 56.56 sol/s on MiniZ
470.74 Nvidia


getting 109-110 sol/s flux . minerpool.org ,miniz algo
stable oc for hynix colourful 3060ti lhr card

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I have 2x ASUS 3060 ti LHR mining flux currently at:

Have anyone got any OC experience on that graphic card, what would be best OC?

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with miniZ