GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER micron OC setting

-200 / 1600 / 75watt = 30.57mh do you have a better setting?

That setting looks pretty good for a 1660…:+1:

1660 super graphics cards with micron ram are said to produce 32mh of power. Does anyone know the setting for this for hiveos?

Hi, a got 31.3 with this OC setting:
Core: -300
Mem: 1900
PL: 80

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Boss this setting caused crashing. Same Asus 1660s Micron Mem.

I have changed recently.
Try this one:

Core: 1085

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This is the maximum I can get. Even mem 1750 is crashing. tried with positive core as well.
I think the worst memory for OC is Micron.

anyone tried the 1660 super with ergo?

Hi, I am having Asus TUF-GTX1660S-O6G-GAMING, two fan model with Micron memory.
Since I installed this card while manually stoping or restarting the miner, “driver error, no fan error etc” happens. If the miner starts along with rig bootup, its fine runs smoothly.
Please help me to fix the issue. I tried multiple driver versions. Still same.

These settings are working well for me. I had to apply them to each card individually 1x1 and not in bulk, otherwise, the rig was crashing from massive Load Average.
Any suggestions for a crashing micro 1660 Super, at these settings?