Gigabyte RX 6700 XT - Work fine, wish to do better :)

I use a Gigabyte 6700XT 12Gb for mining, 46.6Mhs on eth, 112W.
I think it is the best result i can get without bios modding.
It’s a funny card to work with, with a little more (or less) overclocking the hashrate drop to 41 or less…
how much hashrate/watt did you get with 6700 ?
Eventually if there is a bios mod i would like to try it.
thank you

I getting 46,56MHs on XFX 6700xt
And 1000 share acepted 0 rejected

thank you
it’s similar to me

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Hi ,

Here is my OC settings. Its stable since weeks… no issues as of now.

No Bios Mod

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thank you !
i try your undervolting soon, i hope i can get a fiew watt less :slight_smile:

8 watts ! thank you again :slight_smile:

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