Gigabyte RX 6700 XT - Work fine, wish to do better :)

I use a Gigabyte 6700XT 12Gb for mining, 46.6Mhs on eth, 112W.
I think it is the best result i can get without bios modding.
It’s a funny card to work with, with a little more (or less) overclocking the hashrate drop to 41 or less…
how much hashrate/watt did you get with 6700 ?
Eventually if there is a bios mod i would like to try it.
thank you

I getting 46,56MHs on XFX 6700xt
And 1000 share acepted 0 rejected

thank you
it’s similar to me

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Hi ,

Here is my OC settings. Its stable since weeks… no issues as of now.

No Bios Mod


thank you !
i try your undervolting soon, i hope i can get a fiew watt less :slight_smile:

8 watts ! thank you again :slight_smile:

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can u tell what number is for what except coreclock and mem clock? iam new to nvidia cards

Hey!! Here is the news settings which is am using now from very long and stable. Miner - Gminer

I get 45.5MH@ 85W

Just tweaked mine match yours. I get lower hash-rates (0.9MH less) but also lower power and temps compared to you.
Your settings increased the hash-rate for me by ~0.7MH with the same power

Which miner are u using??


try Gminer

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Interesting result from switching to Gminer.

The hash-rates changed for the AMD cards not for the Nvidia 1660Super

  • 6700Xt went up to a superb 46.7MH @ 86W
  • 6800xt stabilized to 63.67MH @ 125W
  • RX580 (wrongly detected by my system as a 480) started taking more power and ran much hotter.
    I had to lower the OC (and reduced hash by 2 MH) for that one to maintain the temps to 74 DegC
    It is still taking ~ 10% more power at this OC and Hash level compared to earlier.
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See my OC settings below for Sapphire 6700 XT with Gminer

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Thanks! will try them and give feedback. It seems that mine is more undervolted than your card

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Crept up super slowly (0.01MH at a time over 20 minutes)
Quite happy that the temps did not jump too much.

Odd ,since the HiveOS official stance on Gminer is that it is optimal for NVidia and not AMD cards.