Gminer CUDA Equihash


Hi all,
guys can someone tell me how to launch GMiner CUDA Equihash
I see now it is added to 0.6-04@181129

but how to launch it now???..


still not working
also there is no possibility to select algo 192_7


I think there is mistake in algo name - it must be197_2 instead 197_7 image
but in others algo miner also not starting


I couldn’t get gminer up and running either. Ended up using the custom miner for miniZ, has a similar hash to gminer. I went from 550sol/s -> 630 sol/s from ewbf to miniZ:


yes miniZ is working and working well, but only on algo 144,5
I need 192,7


Yep. Implemented GMiner on 144/5 not started yet… So sad :frowning: Bot miniZ working well. Still waiting for correct GMiner implementation


Miner LOG


NOW working…

Super thanks for fixes :wink: