GPU detected but not mining?

Hi , can someone help. This is my 1st time using hiveOS. 2 of my Nvidia gpu got detected but there is no stats and when i do nvidia-info , they doesnt appear. My 480 is detected with stats but does not mine when the miner start :confused:

Lower the temp of those 580`s.
Thats first thing.
Is it not mining at all from the begining ?

yeah, those RX 580s temp has been lowered and doing 31-32m.

the rx480 was unknown memory at the beginning and then suddenly turned into “Samsung K4…” memory but yes, it didn’t do mining since the beginning.

I would check risers.
What Miner is it? did you set any tuning parameters ??

same issue here, do you have any solutions ? is it working in windows ?

Any solution? I have the same issue but the risers work with other cards; problem follows GPUs for me.

Same issue here. Replaced riser, updated driver, and changed bios setting…Nothing worked.

It reads…GP102 [GeForce GTX 1080 Ti]

Nope, still didnt solve the issue for some of my P106-100 but my gtx 1070 and some of my p106 are working fine when i switch to Window instead of hiveOS

I am having the same problem with my RX 6800 XT

For Big Navi cards, you need to have the Alpha version of Hive to get them to work. There are a couple of pre-requisites however:

(From HiveOS Discord

  1. Minimum 8GB RAM required.
  2. Voltage regulation is currently not supported. only CORE and MEM are adjustable as of yet.
  3. Mixing Nvidia GPUs with this build is currently NOT SUPPORTED. AMD only.

Alpha build:

You can either download the build and flash it with i.e. balenaEtcher, or you can hive-replace an existing hive installation.

SSH in / Hive Shell and run the following;

hive-replace -y

Or, you can wait until the Beta goes live, which I have heard is sometime in the next week.

For anyone else experiencing similar issues, this is typically a hardware related issue or a driver issue.

Make sure that you have latest stable Kernel, version, and drivers. You might have to try different nvidia drivers with nvidia-driver-update if it’s a nvidia card that isn’t showing up properly.

Make sure riser isn’t faulty, and that cables are seated properly. If it doesn’t work, try plugging directly into the motherboard if that is available.

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any idea what the cause may be? my 1080ti is doing this and doesnt work on my main pc, no info just zotac and card name, is it likely the card is dead? when attempting to mine, ‘could not start cuda engine, exception in [main, 712] no cuda capable device is detected. is nvidia driver installed?’ shows.