GPU fan not detected for Nvidia 3060

I have a 9GPU 3060ti rig and when i fire it up, after some time all cards are fine except one which does not detect fan and shows 0% on the fan even with 80% settings applied for fan. Because of this my 75deg condition for miner stop is triggered every time.

What could be the reason for this one specific GPU not showing fan speed?

Now this has moved to a different GPU, seems like it is not related to specific GPU but the worker. Any help ?

Today I added my 4rd 3060ti card. And had the same issue. I checked all risers and usb cables, but everyting was ok. When I swapped all PCI risers on MCB and restarted, it was ok. :pray:. So I don’t know what the problem was. I hope not to see this again when my 5th card arrives

Did you already fixed your problem. I got my 5th card, installed it. works perfect for 80% of the time. Sometimes after reboot one of the cards doesnt show any fanspeed. on the nicehash site I read " When building a mining rig it is important to check motherboard BIOS settings. It is recommended to disable onboard GPU on your mining rig. It is known that onboard GPU causes issues on the NiceHash OS system in terms of not showing GPU temperatures or fan speeds correctly". Maybe this could solve your issue?