GPU fault detected: 146 on rx 570 rig

Whats that for?

new cards RX*** BIOS Polaris - not supported Linux
this problem is often with the new Saphire

Is it possible to solve it? How do I know wich GPU is the problematic one? I can track it in the gpu list in hive since it is the one who is getting invalid shares, how do I know which one is physically?


That’s mean memory errors but GPU try recover it.
Just reduce Mem OC by 5-10 MHz for GPU with bus id 03:00
It will be enough

How to find which GPU is
Look to your screenshot

find on Overview tab which GPU is … e.g.

Hi guys I have the same problem with one of my cards. I set up the system and it was runnig smooth for a week or so then afterwards I see this error on my monitor. no change in hashrate but some invalid shares on this card. I tried to relieve the card OC and UV yet noting changed. I also tried another riser but it did not work. Can you give advice?

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