Hacking or BUG ?... Lose ALL hashing from my rig



It is a really big issue with the lose of all hashing of my Rig on HiveOs

Look the pictures to understand : (Jjust HiveOs Rig has this problem not my 3 other rigs…)

Lose all hashing from my HiveOS Rig betwwen 22:00 and 1:00, the I reboot 2 time my rig to refound my hashing on the eth.nanopool.org and after 3:00 lose again all my hashing of the rig on HIveOs…

THe stat of HiveOs is Ok

Wath’s APPEND ???

I stope HiveOs for the moment



I sent my Wallet to found again my hashing on the site eth.nanopool.org

[center]The question is : The rig works in the wind or the rig works for another people ???[/center]

I think that this issu is very critical, and hope to be alone, but not sure… Verify your hashing rate and compare it…


I am not alone with this issue …


I think it is important to have a response of this…

Rig Hacking existe… How HiveOs safe itself ?


One more : http://forum.hiveos.farm/discussion/460/sonnection-problem#latest


First at all ALWAYS change default password to strong & safe
from local or SSH shell execute

passwd user

Enter new password and repeat. Of course your password must be strong enough especially if your rig(s) has direct access to ssh from WAN


Good advice, I just do it, we’ll see if it starts again…

I keep you informed

Tx & Good day !


Not new hacking for the moment…
I can close this issue…
Tx for your help


Glad to help you