Hash rate / Earings

Good Morning

I have detected a very considerable profit drop when mining.
About 2 months ago, 1 vga 3090 - 115 hr, generated 0.10 in 30 days.
Now I have 2 vgs 3090, 234 hr, and I generate 0.10 in 20 days.

From what I see here: Ethereum Mining Profitability Chart
The rate is even higher …

Why so much difference?
Do I have to change something to get more performance?

With a single 3090, it has gone from those 30 days of generating 0.10 to needing 45.

Thanks! Cheers!

Here is your answer…


Yea I noticed a big change from 2 days ago till now. I am making about 30% less.
Can someone explain why this happens? Im new to this sorry if I sound uneducated, because I am atm in this field. But im sure others are wondering the samething.
Im mining ETH, with PHOENIXMINER on the HIVEON pool as well.