Hash rate in nanopool smaller than in hiveos

I apologize right now if I already have a similar topic. I started mining a few days ago, however I can’t understand why in the hive system my hash rate is from 28mh/s to 30mh/s while in nanopool it is showing only 10mh/s at 14mh/s. Could someone help me? So far I have had no shared invalidity by the pool. The board is overclocked at 300mhz on memory and power limit of 65W.

It’s Ok that hashrate is lower:

  • ERGO miners has 2-2.5% devfee (2.5% for nanominer for example). Devfee included to overall hashrate;
  • Hive OS reports hashrate from miner’s API. Pool has Current Calculated Hashrate and Average Hashrate for last 6 hours both calculated on shares which received by pool.

Yes, more mark around 50% of the hash rate has left me a little worried, even more so that I’m starting now.
Thanks more for explaining.