Hashrate mining RVN on RX 570 4gb


I have a rig with 6x RX570 4gb which I am trying to mine RVN with.

I am getting 5-7 MH/s for each card. From what to mine it seems I should be getting around 13

Using Hiveos, and have tried several (all?) miners with similar results.

Is the estimate of 13 MH/s not realistic?

Da sim, eu tenho uma 570 de 4GB da Sapphire e faço de 14 a 15 MH


Thanks for your answer. This seems to be exact same card that I have. Can you share your overclock settings?

And possibly also a copy of your bios as mine is modified, and I no longer have the original one?

Would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

olha minha também esta com bios mod, essa bios tem o Core Clock 1200 Mhz e Memory Clock de 2100 Mhz porem nessa configuração a ventoinha fica 100% o tempo todo então eu uso Core Clock 1190 Mhz e Memory Clock de 2100 Mhz nessa configuração a ventoinha fica 50% a 65% se a sua placa for dual bios e você quiser usar a original com overclock ela só vai ate 12 MH, Lembrando que so vai nesses 14 a 15 MH no miner TeamRedMiner os outros mineriros não passão de 10 a 11 MH e diferença e muito grande.

Would love to no if you solved your problem as I have the same one with rx580 cards can only get 10Mh stable with every oc setting and different miners mining RVN have got 12.7 Mh a bit but power gose from 130w to 177-185w

I get 10.3 MH/S @ 89W

Using Teamredminer in HIVEOS, it won’t let the power go over 89W.
GPU bios mod (Ubermix) made very small difference if anything.

Got it running team red stable for 24hr at 11.02 Mh at 111wats that’s the max I can get

Play around with these numbers after the =:

I managed to get 11 Mh/s on RVN with RX570 using --prog_config=A336 @89W and this:

So you should get to 13-14 MH/s if at higher power. For some reason my power usage will not go over 89W.

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Relatively new to mining what are those numbers for( --prog_config=A336) I have used them and it shot straight up to 15Mh with my oc setting that of been using to keep a stable 11Mh just waiting to see if it stays stable cheers and thaks

Just in case anybody is still interested I’m getting 13.63 MH on RX570 4GB

What are the columns displayed for your overclock?