HELP AMD RX580 Hashrates stuck on 22MH

Hi, I need your help. I’ve 3 Gigabyte RX 580 with an hashrate stucked on 22MH. I didn’t touch the GPU BIOS, I’ve tried to overclock them on HiveOS (applying an OC with optimized settings) and Windows (via Afterburner). The hashrates don’t increase, worst… it dropped a little bit. The OC seems to be applied as the graphical cards are more loudy but it doesn’t affect the hashrates.
Does anyone have an idea for this problem?
Thank you

on 580 cards first thing you should do is to fix timing in GPU bios. it’s not hard at all and there are tons of videos on how to do this on youtube.

then after you have done that you can try popular OC presets on hiveos to overclock your cards. The most popular OC setting on 580 8GB cards are 1150 core and 2100 on memory, also don’t forget to add rxboost 30 in your memtweak. easy 31mh at least

If you have micron memory, try this settings(without flashing VBIOS)

I tought I could reach 30Mh+ without flashing my BIOS but it was impossible (My memory is Samsung). Finally, I flashed all my graphic cards and is able to have 30Mh+. Thank you for those who have reply to this post. God bless