Help booting with 2 GPU (4G decoding on and other settings as recommended)

I’m having some trouble booting my gigabyte H410M-H with 2 GPUs (RTX 3060 and 2060).

I have tested the whole hardware (Mobo, GPUS, risers, PCIe slots, 1 GPU straight into x16 vs both on risers), and everything works just fine… when only 1 GPU is connected. Otherwise I simply get no video and hiveOS doesn’t boot (checked on website).

Anyone has any idea about what’s causing this?

I only managed to boot and mine with both GPUs using a really annoying procedure, which stops working after any power loss/shutdown, because CMS support resets to enabled:

1- Go into bios with 1 GPU. Do all the recommended settings (4G decoding enabled, link speed to gen2, CSM support disabled, “Other OS” instead of “Windows 10”). Save and reboot to bios.
2- Change primary video to IGFX instead of PCIe1. Save and exit. Move the HDMI cable to the mobo.
3- Connect 2nd GPU and boot. It will glitch out and freeze on the “press del to enter bios” screen.
4- Restart.
5- It will boot directly to bios. Change CMS support back to disabled. Save and exit.
6- Finally boots into HiveOS with both GPUs.
7- After every power loss (I set restore power loss to “power on”) it boots again to bios, and I must disable CMS support again.