Help,hashrate is good,payout is to low

579.83 MH/s Real Time Hashrate

611.63 MH/s Reported Hashrate

595.78 MH/s Avg. Hashrate over 24h

612.83 MH/s Reported Hashrate over 24h

11 650 Valid Shares over 24h

357 2.97% Stale Shares over 24h

My hashrate is normal(580M-610M), but the payout is too low(ETH 0.0010-0.0051)). It started at about 12 noon and lasted for 6 hours.

It was 0.090-0.0105 when it was normal before

A similar situation occurred a few days ago. Is it normal?

Thanks very much!

its something to do with the pool guys i read somewhere they will fix it.