Help please. No CUDA-capable device is detected rx 5700 xt challenger

I have this error
unable to enum CUDA GPUs: no CUDA-capable device is detected
OpenCL driver version: 19.20
No available GPUs for mining. Please check your drivers and/or hardware

MBoard zotacb150
card asrock 5700xt challenger

any help please?

You need Beta version (for RX 5700 XT need v19.30 AMD OpenCL driver, you had 19.20)

Where do i get that one?

You can update existing installation via Remote Access / Hive Shell
type command
hive-replace -y --beta

or you can download Beta image from here

thanks again¡

it is already working¡¡¡
now i need to lowdown de memory temperature. is red in 90-92 degrees

how can i doo that?

Use autofan feature and set target memory temperature

great¡ i Did and worked¡
thanks ¡ you are the most ¡