High LA & gpu driver error, no temp


Hello every one, I have a problem that takes my 3 days, and still out order… I have rig with 6 nvidia zotac 1060 6g, since few days ago it experienced very high LA and the error: gpu driver error, no temps! And the rig is not stable at all, any solution plz?
Motherboard : b250 mining expert Asus, tnx.


Replug your card one by one and see if it runs stable with just one and go from there. Sometimes a bad riser or overclock can cause high LA.

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Solved dud, hi…
It was because of power supply,I cut off the bad ps, now it’s stable, although two of cards do not show the fan percentage, whereas the temperature does shows, and they work! Any idea? Any way tnx for ur reply👍