Hive 2.0 Public Test [EN]



Поправьте баланс. На старом Hive 29$ на новом 10$. А так все норм.


Реальный баланс в старом. В базе 2.0 на дату среза из 1 - не переживайте


Спасибо. Особо не переживал.


По балансу и платежам для тех кто переехал в 2.0 чуть позже разъяснение будет


@HaloGenius @hiveos , at the beginning of this article and of this video you state the mining is not profitable, then you describe functionnalities of hive 2.0 but you don’t show how will hive 2.0 contribute to profitability? in what 2.0 is better than 1.0 in profitability?


Not all at once my friend )
We have something to surprise you with pleasure. If you watch the video again or read the article then you can notice what Dmytro says about financial instruments which will be integrated in Hive.
Prepare to fly! Ready?


Can you please tell me when HiveOS 1.0 will be stopped


when 2.0 will be released then the same day 1.0 will be history

#31 is not reachable right now from the uk :frowning:



I I would like to quote some points about beta:

  • Farms to organization is cool.
  • Overview don’t is practice, little info.
  • Workers have a very small font, consume is not visible easily, uptime and booted don’t show a time and date exact.

Overall, this good…


I hope that you make r9 and HD 7xxx work in this version of Hive. Im very sad so i cant use hiveOS on the old rigs. Im just using it on RX models.
So, i hope that i’m gonna install it now to the all rigs i have.


Hive 2.0 it’s not what is on your rig (client side) - it’s server part (backend) and web interface (frontend).


Is there any info about how to use HiveOS on the old rigs? R9 and HD 7xxx ? Hive see’s Gpu’s but can’t get Hashrate… 0.0 Mh/s
Somebody have expirience with old Gpu’s and HIve? Thnx


Yes, there is present some topics on forum from users which successfully connected this cards to Hive with some restrictions.


Massive step backward.

You now make it difficult for us to add coins, and have to do it at your pace?
You now make it difficult for us to add our pools of choice?
Front page is less informative about anyone’s group of miners/farm?

A++ for intent and effort … but absolute failure to understand what your user base desires.


Coins can be requested to add, no problem, there are not so many of them.
Plus you will be able to set them manually if they are not list, working on this.

You are not limited with pools. You can set everything you want in miner config.
Also you can push your pools to public repo

We still think this is a massive step forward. Cheers.


As you could already know Hive 2.0 release is on the way.

The public test is still open and we are doing the final touches before the launch.
You are still able to get familiar with the new system before the launch.
It will take a few days and Hive 2.0 will replace existing system.

Here are the important things:

  • Linux OS on the rig is not changed, you will have to do nothing to switch, maybe update will be required to use new autofans, etc.
  • If you are participating in public test your data will be overwritten again after migration.
  • Deposits will be stopped for several hours before the migration.
  • The migration will take several hours, the web panel will be inaccessible, the RIGS WILL MINE, no panic.
  • It might take some time to get familiar with the new system after your first login, don’t plan any serious actions on your farm during the migration.

If your balance is $100 we will deposit $10 to Hive 2 balance.

Exact migration plan will be posted later. With all the planned downtimes.

Please follow Telegram or Facebook to catch further announcements and news.


And here is public healthcheck page
With this you can check is it your problem with connection or there are some server issues and you can have a beer and ignore false notifications.


Well done! To help you guys out, i took some notes of what caught my attention.

Things I liked:

  • Farm Overview looks nice with right level of information
  • Farm Worker display list is a cool feature to customize how to display the workers
  • Worker actions at top of the screen, very easy to admin the worker
  • Worker upgrade action, very easy to see version and trigger upgrade (i don’t recall this feature in v1)
  • Wallets are much easier to manage now

Areas of improvement:

  • No Sorting Flight Sheets
  • No Sorting OC Profiles
  • Telegram Subscription not working in v2 [“XXXXXXXXX” does not match what Hive user XYZ has specified in profile (, please check the code.]
  • GPUs not detected in Farm Overview when using ETHMiner and AMD GPUs (switching to Claymore fixed the incorrect results)
  • Hashing graphs do not display under Worker Overview when using AMD GPUs and ETHMiner (switching to Claymore displays them)
  • Hashing graphs do not display under Worker Stats when using AMD GPUs and ETHMiner (switching to Claymore displays them)
  • No Claymore config override in Flight Sheet settings. Must do in Worker Tuning.
  • A little difficult to navigate between workers. Maybe a dropdown list at the top where the worker name is to select a different worker?
  • I could not figure out how to link OC Profiles to workers. In v1 you had the option to link OC Profiles with Wallets or not. And if it was linked, any changes would automatically apply to the workers. In v2, you have navigate back to the worker and then apply the updated profile which can be time consuming. (Although your change log mentions that it will be remembered, how?)
  • One of my pools is not available on the pools available in Flight Sheet. How to access the Github public repository to try to add it?

Hope it helps


I just found out how to set the config override in the Flight Sheets