Hive 2.0 Public Test [EN]



Great job. I can only imagine how much work is behind all this.

After few hours of testing, here are several things I found not as I would expect them to be:

  1. In Overview, clicking on “Online”, “Offline”, “With Errors” is not doing anything for me. No filtering… all the time list is displaying all of my rigs. On the other hand - nice feature to filter based on wallets, miners, cards, …

  2. If I understood corectly, current wallet is divided into wallet and flight sheet (ex miner section). My flight sheet for dual-thread mining on xmr-stack is not copied. So, after migrating to Hive2 my rig is still working, but after editing wallet and flight sheet - it stopped. I had to reconfigure dual-thread config for my cards in flight sheet. If you are not going to copy those configurations from existing wallets to new flight sheets - this should be announced prior to migration since I find it a major hold-up…

  3. Worker overview of dual-threaded mining. It isn’t good in current Hive, and it isn’t any better in the new one. I have 13-card rig and on worker overview, there are 26 squares with temps and hash speed (as if I have 26 cards) but only first 13 sqares are displaying fan speed (percentage). As in current Hive, extra threads per GPU are displayed as CPUs. And if you configure real CPU mining on those rigs - there is a mess in numbers… Maybe, a bit more work on presentation of multi-threaded mining would be beneficial.

  4. I am still unable to find a way how to apply different wallet to the rig. Clicking on a Rocket allows for Filght Sheet change… can’t find how to change wallet?!? Must be me, but stil… So, how do I apply different wallet to existing rig?

  5. I found the info on number of rigs per different Flight sheet. Can’t find same info for the wallets.

  6. Overview page is showing hash rate per coin and per algo… A bit redundant for my taste. in example, there are so many flavours of CryptoNight algo - don’t think that you will be showing each flavour respectively.

  7. This thing with mandatory selection of coins per wallet. If I am mining algo on MPH, Nicehash, … I am not mining any coin specifically. So, maybe, you can allow for a Custom description there (pool name or something). I beleive this is only a “label thing” so I can choose any coin I like, but still…

  8. OC Profiles - pretty sure I have few of those as well on current Hive, but none has been copied. Simillar as with wallets - can’t find a way to apply different OC profile to a rig

  9. Flight sheet - after applying huge config for dual-threaded mining, this list becomes very unreadable… and I am using my laptop. What if I try to use mobile phone?!? Displaying a list should limit the size of each field to only few letters…

This is from me so far…



Thank you for the reviews. Some of the issues are on the way of fixing.

With custom pools you can push them to git
Or you can configure it manually in miner.

xmr-stak is pain ass, yes, will probably improve it but after release.

to apply other wallet you need to duplicate FS with other wallet

ethminer is working perfectly, maybe try to update linux or change 0.14/15 version.


I would love to test the new hiveos 2.0 , I ran the command and it didn’t work, rig said cannot connect to worker. I was although happy all I had to do was run the switch the rig back to original hiveos by running the command, and that worked. rebooted and I’m mining again. can you let me know if I should wait a few days for an automatic upgrade of my software? or I would be happy to test if my rig will come online and mine

thanks! excited to try 2.0! :smiley:


I can`t find where to configure Telegram notifications. I receive the old one from Hive 1 …


Few more comments:

  1. Comming back to workers list is resetting applied filters. In current Hive filters stay applied until I manually resett them. This should be preferred behaviour.

  2. There is no NiceHash in predefined pools… should be there.

  3. I really miss “Reload” button - just to refresh the page on click

  4. Can’t find where to define %EMAIL% variable


I cant find “Favorites” in wallets…


I cant update pool urls…
In flight sheet, click on your listing and than open “setup miner config”.
Change url and click “apply changes”. After closing miner config, “update” button is still disabled and changes never been applied…


How wen can pull from configs again from hiveos1?


I can see “pools” in flight sheets but i could not find where pools can be edit?


Autofan does not work! Temperature rises 70 and target is 70 but fan is at 25% …!


I think, hiveos2 has a lot of critical issues …
I am switching back to hiveos1…


I am getting kicked out of for several times now in the last couple of hours (Too many attempts. Try again in xxx seconds)… and testing with only 1 rig… hope this is not a feature of the new site, but just some “fine tuning” going on :slight_smile:


Quick update…

My big rig suddenly lost ~15% hashrate for the last 2 hours. On top of that, i noticed that the power consumption went up 20%. It seemed all my OC settings were no longer applied…

I checked all the OC and Flight Sheet settings and nothing had changed and were how they should be. I moved the rig back to v1 and it went back to normal after a restart. In the end, i moved all my rigs back until i can get some clarity what happened.

Considering my profits are currently down over 40%, i can’t afford to lose more due to technical issues that i shouldn’t have to be concerned with.

If you could provide any tips to investigate, please let me know.


In case it helps to know the timing of the incident, I was moving my rigs back to v1 as I was typing that post.


Does it mean that all wallets and flight sheets made in test mode, will be deleted and i have to make them again?


Yes i think all your current V1 data will be migrated to V2 and so your current v2 test farm will be deleted.


Yeah same with me , farm and all workers are online but not mining , don’t know what’s happening where as I have also double checked that everything is fine …


I am not sure how to create a wallet and which coin to choose, so that Flight Sheet would offer NiceHash or MPH for pool?

If I want my rig to work on MPH - there I can choose whichever coin I want to be paid in (using auto-exchange feature). In NiceHash - I am being paid in BTC no matter which algo I work on.

I can see that in OC profiles, when selecting algo, there is NiceHash and MPH mentioned in the list of “coins” mined with that algo.

So, how to create Wallet and Flight Sheet to be offered those two pools in the drop down within the Flight Sheet?


Found out - Just start typing “nicehash” or “mph” in Coin name field and everything is there :+1:


The same will be with Zpool, Zergpool