Hive 2.0 Public Test [EN]



Sometimes Autofan is crashing the RIG . I got a asrock h110 BTC+ and 2x ASUS RX580 …
Is this a bug?

#65 down? i cant access it from anywhere… country indonesia


@HaloGenius could that autofan error be a bug?


Yes and no at the same time.

There are two sources of errors. The first is a bad bios, overclocking, etc.
The second source of possible error(s) in the module autofans itself.


i have gone from the version ( to the version ( but my workers iil is not transferring how to do it? and thank you


You need to edit rig.conf on each worker. Maybe it is easier to wait a bit more - it has been announced that on this Wednesday there will be an official migration to HiveOS 2.0


Afer I moved my rig to Hive2. I noticed that I can`t modify the Fan and anything from Overclock … When I go back to the old version of Hive everything works. May be after moving need to make some kind of moving to default settings? Or could you please give me a command to disable all overclock … Because button Reset in overclock - not working - it does nothing …

Thank you in advance.


The public test is completed! The system is in the process of migration to Hive 2.0

What worked - continues to work! Mining not stopped. Don’t panic!


что произошло не магу не откуда зайти в hiv oc


у меня нет добычи на пуле нет рига


Any ETA on being able to add our own coins that aren’t listed?

EDIT, looks like function is there and works great. Thanks!


I`m still asking for any kind of restore to default command. I have added in the Hive1 manually and now I see that autofan from Hive2 not working proprely. Overclocking not working correctly also. Can I restore Hive2 to default - empty version and set it up again but only remote without making any changes directly on the rig only from Internet.

Thank you.


remove old one and create via web interface


You are talking about autofan … I`ll try …


remove old autofan.conf


hello all, I have a problem with my rig after the update , temperatures are very high on video cards, how can i solve this problem considering that before the update it worked


How do you leave someones farm that they gave access to you? I can only do it when I have full access, doesnt work with Advanced and probably lower. Is there a way to set the default view in the rig “workers” tab? whenever I refresh or re log, the three buttons next to show filters always resets to the first one. Furthermore, will there ever be colors on our gpu temps again? The new layout makes it harder to read information because everything is the same color. Also, do we HAVE to use flight sheets? It introduces a lot more time just to create a wallet and is really confusing in comparison to the last version on hive. Lastly, when you click a rig name and you are on the overview of the rigs, why does it show you the fan % twice? That part seems a bit redundant.


Hi! There is a login trouble: Can’t login. Get message “Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0”. What is that?


me too


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