Hive 2.0 Public Test [EN]



i have trouble to login
The string did not match the expected pattern. !!!
what kine of error ???


I am also having issues logging in. Unexpected Token JSON


same issue

Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Also password reset doesn’t seem to send an email.


JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Is the specific login error I am getting if it helps devs.


@hiveos Please Help! I cannot login to dashboard. Unexpected Token < in JSON at position 0


Damn you Json!!

same issue here…can’t log in per 3 hrs ago


I’m cheked “Remember me”, logging in, adding direct link to worker in browser bookmarks but it always redirects me to login page! Why? New session for new tab? Sometimes even worker page redirects me to login page on F5! Something doesn’t tested yet?


Bug Notification
Under flight sheet, Claymore dual coin wallet displays primary coin instead of dual coin.
Worker has not been restarted so i do not know if it is only a display bug or whether it really sends the wrong wallet…


we are working on it


The temperature colour scheme on the old dashboard was much easier to manage temps. Its a little all over the place with this new one.


Like others have experienced, I am unable to login. Rigs are mining, but not the correct coins.


Disregard- I received the password reset email and was able to log in.



First of all, we would like to thank You for using our product. And for all the feedback, even the negative one, regarding the new version. Thank you.
Hive 2.0 is not only a new interface (frontend) and new services on the server side (backend), but also a new APIv2 that provides ample opportunities for both third-party developers and system developers. We worked hard on this, as there was noting like it in Hive 1.0.

We rewrote everything from scratch and switching to something completely new is always accompanied by fears, misunderstandings and challenges. We saw how the new product performed during a closed test and we’re absolutely sure that the new platform is much better.

We are still working on many things, we know about existing problems and are grateful for Your feedback and comments. Each review we listen, discuss and roll out the new functionality in consultation with customers who are ready to work with beta and alpha versions and only then roll out the updates. The audience is much larger than just those people with who we are discussing the alpha version, and comments from the community are expected. We thank You, we hear You and all Your feedback is processed and put to work based on priorities.

Our work on the project never stopped.
We will work hard to improve.

Everything will be Hive!

HiveOS team


Hi, can you add sgminer to fork sg-miner-gm-x16r?


Cant access the website …


avermore or other fork?
avermore 1.4.1 available on Hive

if you know better on AMD please point to it


Hi, i have a problem after 2.0 for mining MANO with custom miner (tdx)
Who has the same ?


Hi. Can’t access the website. Get empty screen after click on “sign in”. No login/password request.


Access is OK now. Thanks.


login page shows “Sorry, this page does not exist” !!!