Hive API v2


Hive open API version 2.

This is an early preview post. Will be updated after Hive 2.0 release.

New Hive has REST API.

Full specification is here.

Docs will be added later.

You authorize with the credentials and receive JWT auth token. Then you can do just anything what you can do in Hive. You can build your autoswitching, get stats data, add/switch wallets, apply OC settings, adopt a mobile version, create a custom monitoring screen.




По русски можно.


All request returns 404


hello… is this working ? all we get is 404…


Endpoints are not public at the moment. We finish internal tests now and release it to public. Hope during the folowing days.


When is the expected release date for hiveOS v2? and will it contain native vega support?


Vegas are supported by Linux driver. There is custom solution with ROCM driver. We wait for Linux kernel 4.19 to include promised support. Also you can use Hive for Windows.

At the moment we are doing private tests of Hive 2.0 and to release it by the end of the month.



Hi guys,

hope tests are going well :slight_smile:

Are you confident about releasing the APi at the end of the month?

Good work! :slight_smile: