Hive API v2


Hi guys,

here you can find a Laravel package for interacting with Hive OS api


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I have created a mining monitoring program that performs scoring and statistics as well as profitability calculations. My program is under windows and is currently compatible with current currencies: ETH-ETC-ZEC
I would like to interact with my program so that it can give orders to hiveOS but I did not understand the use of hive very well
I understood that we must use the end point:

to log in, use

When I enter this in a browser, I receive in response:
“message”: “”

How to authenticate on the API, the process seems complex!
I saw that there were several examples of programs in Javascript, PHP and bash.
I tried these different methods: javascript: impossible to execute the program (many errors)

Would it be possible to do the same thing as the bash but for BATCH WINDOWS ???

ooops if someone could guide me, it will be nice

Thank you for your reply

Jean Pierre


I found the solution and I just implemented my gateway to the pc target hosting HIVEOS
by simply passing through CYGWIN and using the demo script in BASH (LINUX) on the HIVEOS forum
That way, I can run bash commands from WINDOWS