Hive asic soft? POOLS? WALLETS? helpmee!

hi there miners!
i have some questions, I bought my first asic s9,
i have flashed and install hiveos firmware. everitying good…

now I saw some videos and im confused.
i have to use a specific Pool and specific wallet? (I hear something about that the “boost” doesnt works on all wallets, (that video recommends Slush wallet with slush pool )
i don’t know what to do, and the hive YouTube channel says nice hash pool and in the flightshett on the COIN tab puts : sha256 nice hash,

how to configure flight sheet ? I want to send the btc to Binance wallet, its possible? can you tell me the config? also what is the fee in this case %% ? will the boost work with that?

sorry im new in asic, im experienced on GPU