Hive not paying after 0.1 eth mined

Hi guys,

I was using Hiveos and Hiveon pool and it was working fine.
Paid me twice after mining 0.1eth.

Then I changed to Simplemining (to test some settings) and Ethermine for a few days (mined 0.03686 there) and then came back to HiveOS and Hiveon pool.

It’s been more than a week since I’m over 0.1eth on Hiveon.
I have 0.14eth now and they didn’t pay out.

Anyone knows what could be the issue?

wallet: 0x93a47e2990f9e4a20a452a67db3a63bdbff51ec2


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Likely stale shares which you can check in your logs and history. Quickest resolution seems to be emailing support. Good luck:

Are there payouts for stale shares?

A valid share is contributed before the winning block. In turn, a stale share is a share that was sent after a block was already solved.

Payment for stale shares is made - it is 50%.

For up to 5% of stale shares, the conditions are the same. Starting from 5% and above, the pool freezes the payouts, meaning you won’t get paid for your stale shares. If the problem of high stales persists for 24 hours, the wallet is blacklisted and payouts are frozen until further notice.

Such radical measures are related to the fact that fraudulent miners abuse our stale shares payout system. Thank you for understanding and thank you for using our ecosystem.


They didn’t replied my email.
My stale shares are arround 2.25%

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Assuming it was stale shares, look for a spike over 5% which could have locked your account.

I see a lot of these requests in Discord, response seems to be ~24hrs if they are provided all the necessary data in the email.

Hope you receive a speedy and positive result :slight_smile:

Thanks! I solved it.

I had 2 peaks over 5% of stale shares. They blacklisted / blocked my wallet (they should put that somewhere!).
The only way to communicate with them is via Telegram. They answer me and unlocked my wallet.

hope this helps other people…

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后来hive付款了吗 怎么解决的

后面你挖掘的eth到账了吗 怎么到账的

I am not receiving the payments either. It has been more than 1 week that I should have been charged (ETC). Continuous no response from Email. My Invalid Shares are 1.10%. Invalid Shares are charged at 50%. less than the Good Shares. But if they are charged.

Invalid shares are 0 credit.
Stale shares are credited at 50% value.

If mining to a wallet goes above 5% stales for a period of time, the wallet (account) is locked. Averages are shown and calculated over 24 hrs, this is helpful vs. actual.

Did an account have a burst of invalids or stales? if so, locked account. Check with support to confirm if you are not receiving payouts.

They won’t reply by email. Only by Telegram. Check de FAQ.
They will unlock your account in a few minutes…

True Grea. I got confused. Obsolete ones are those that pay 50%.
The Mine has:
98.9% Valid.
1.10% Obsolete.
0% Invalid.
Thanks for answering.

Good morning AgustinPac.
What Telegram channel? There are Barios de Hiveos.
I don’t know which channel the Officer is.
Can you pass link? or exact name of the channel?
Thank you.

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Team Sport MineroSL!

While I don’t use Telegram here is a link that I hope will help:

In telegram, search for “hiveon_en”.

Write them including the link of your hive dashboard. And ask them to unlock your wallet.

Good luck

I have the same problem, suddenly they have stopped my payouts after reaching 100%. Stale shares is not the problem. My number for that is 1. 32%.
They have an email support address and no answer on that one only means to me, they do not care to explain WHAT the problem is, neither via email or by writing anything on their web site This means to me three things:

  1. They suck big time.
  2. It stinks fish.
  3. It’s time to leave the stinking ship and find some other SERIOUS mining service / pool.

I’ll tell you what I am doing right now. I just made a NiceHashOS image on a memory stick and will soon stop mining with HiveOS / Hiveon Pool.

Again, by not caring to explain anything on their web site or answering a simple email support question only makes me mad (fuck Telegram, I don’t have it, don’t want it, just to make the HiveOS (no)support team happy.

Update. I have reached support via Telegram and the issue has been solved. I still think a notifying message via email would be nice if things like this happens. So I’m staying with HiveOS/Hiveon as I mostly wanted (really).

Most likely, you passed the 5% allowed and then went back to that 1.32%.

Write them vía Telegram and they will answer fast.

I agree that they should mark the wallet as blacklisted. Otherwise you dont know what is going on!

Good luck!

Thanks, the issue has been solved. I had t bite and install Telegram. I reached support now. :slightly_smiling_face:

now it is private, can’t access

@khacanh26 My friend, I am lost and not following the comment correctly. What is private and can not be access?

link of telegram you post in here :slight_smile: