Hive OS Diskless PXE

I have not been able to update the packages lately. It was previously working without an issue. It starts the process and then after checking the miner versions it states the upgrade fails. I even started over with a fresh install of the OS and it is still doing the same thing. Any ideas why it will no longer update the packages?

Vega Images planned? I got a Vega Image included and booted, but only with RX cards. With Vega the system crashes at boot. Still trying to replace initramfs and kernel…
Proceeding further with cloneDeplay.

there is a way to set it up to be able to update .
shows you how to install the 64bit and 32 bit architecture

Even after the upgraded image is not the latest version.

Is there anything else to be done?

Also how to upgrade the AMD-Drivers to the latest image version available on Hive-OS Disk Images?

apt update


I am afraid its still the same for me. It does and upgrade process, does a backup of the previous FS.

But still the version remains the same.