Hive update for XMRStak release


I believe XMRStak has finally release a version that allows bittube mining. Can Hive do an update for this?


XMR-Stak 2.4.7 and XMRig 2.6.4 uploaded to github 2 days ago. It will come with new version


How do I tell hive to update it so I can use hive to monitor/control or can Hive release an update with stak updated?


After new version is out you will be informed as usually.


Thank you. I really hope this is soon :)!


Hey Halo, when XMR-Stak was updated was also the “fireice-uk” for updated? It seams like that fork should support BitTube mining.


HiveOS 0.5-65 contains updates xmr-stak 2.4.7 and xmrig 2.6.4 with bittube support (cryptonight-saber protocol)


Thanks for the swift reply! So it should work even with any fork?


With any which supported by xmr-stak 2.4.7.
Cryptonight based coins constantly forked )))