Hiveon pool did not pay out. Why?

Set up a rig with one Nvidia gpu on Hiveon with Pheonixminer on Ethpool. This gpu mines at 45 mH/s, which theoretically should get about $6-7 per day. When I checked the unpaid balance, it is only $0.06, after booted 6 days ago. What can be wrong with my wallet or flight sheet set up? Help please, thanks!

What does the farm dashboard ( show for hashates over the past 6 days?
What does the pool ( show for Hashrates and earnings?

I’ve switched to flexpool. This rig is showing an unpaid balance. Over 3 days, flexpool shows an average effective hashrate of 40.6 while this one gpu rig shows a hashrate of 43.2.

Hiveon pool pays after 0.1 ETH.
@40mhs that is approx 0.002748 per day.
Would take you about 37 days to get paid .1 ETH