Hiveon Pool not transferring ethereum to my wallet

I have had .1058 ethereum pending for several weeks now at 100% of payout amount. My good shares have been good above 99.8%. Why haven’t my eth been sent to my wallet?

Maybe you have locked wallet from stale shares… Go to discord or on Telegram and put your request there…

My good shares are at a rate above 99.8%. How high does it need to be?

The average is a nice metric, but if your rig bursts over 5% stales or gets measured with “high invalids” at the pool side, your wallet will get locked regardless of the “average over 24hrs”.

Either way, Telegram/email support/discord are going to be necessary.

So, are you saying that an instant of bad shares over 5% I would get nothing for an entire month of mining?

I am just a miner like you pointing out the proven path to resolution.

From the hundreds of posts in this forum, on discord, or telegram, it appears they address the issue in <24hours.

The examples I have seen from posts, imply the system has a threshold and when it is exceeded it automatically locks the wallet. Support requires manual intervention to turn it back on.

Ok thanks Grea. Just one more question. How do I make the appropriate parties aware of my situation so that it can be addressed? I appreciate your help.

If I am reading the posts and data correctly, speedy resolution is via telegram or discord. Once the support team confirms the “stales” are in line, payouts resume in the next mornings payout cycle as usual:

Support Chat for Hive OS (

• Announcements Channel: Telegram: Contact @minershive
• ASIC Support Group: Telegram: Contact @hiveonasic_en
• Hiveon Support Group: Telegram: Contact @hiveon_en
• Off-Topic Group: Telegram: Contact @hiveofftopic_en

Support in telegram is private!! :sweat:

Some folks have found success in Discord and then there is old school email:

Official Support

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