Hiveon pool payout delay


i have a Rig that mine approx .1 ETH per a week and the hiveon pool paied .3 ETH till last week, but now the Rig has .12 ETH in unpaid balance. as the hiveon pool minimum payout is .1 ETH, when the pool would pay the unpaid balance?


Main page, big letters.


hi cooper,
but i had ~ .101 ETH on the last Saturday before 9:00 AM GMT+0 and approx ~ .12 ETH on the last Sunday before 9:00 AM GMT+0.



hi cooper,
do you know that what should i do? because now the unpaid balance of my pool is ~ .17ETH.
i think i should change the pool, because the HIVEOS has not support system and nobody didn’t answer me about the problem!
i should know why the pool didn’t pay out my rig works?
what is your opinion?


can I see you address?


hi cooper,
my ETH wallet address is:



Your address is being checked by the security service. The result will be known in 2 days.


do you know the reason of no pool payout for my mining system?


My payout is also delayed
Please check it.


и мой адрес тоже гляньте,выплат неделю не видел


payout delayed

what is the problem. https://hiveon