Hiveon pool payout delay


Hi Cooper
I am having same issue here is my ETH addresses:

I’ll really appreciate your help on this.


too much stales, reduce to min 5%.


on check


не больше 5% стейлов и не больше 0,2% инвалидов.


Thanks so much. What might be the reason for stale shares? Slow interinet connection? Too much OC?


slow connection all the way to the pool. It may not even be your fault, but the fault of the route itself, along which the request-response goes.


Is there any way to resolve this? I have been trying from last few months but no luck. I am planning to upgrade my router as i think the isp router is no good. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks again.


I do not think that something can be improved by replacing the router. It may be more likely that a change of provider will help, but this is not always possible. Since yesterday, there have been some changes in the pool, precisely to eliminate the stales. I hope this will help a lot.


Perfect and see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.
Here is my another address if you can suggest any improvements. Thanks.


ohhh, invalid shares … check the hardware


Many times some randon rigs start giving NA hash. I have to restart the rig to get actual hashrate. The times its showing NA in dashboard its showing hashrate in actual miner but pool keep rejecting shares. How to resolve this? Most probably i think its the slow internet connection or routing issue.


I don’t think if the pool rejects all the shares there can be a problem in the pool or in the settings. Many pools do not like very much when they confuse a port with a low complexity and get involved with video cards.


When you say check the hardware, what does that mean?
Also i tried different ports but the default port works better.
Out of 50 rigs i gets NA in random 2 or 3 rigs but when i restart those 3 rigs NA goes away and NA appears back after couple of days again and i had to reboot the rig.
NA is the reason for rejects and i am looking for the solution for NA.
Would really appreciate your help on that. :grinning:


Why do you use eyhminer on red cards? By the way, the 16th version of ethmeiner had an unpleasant effect, though not the same as yours. There, on the contrary, statistics showed that they were cards mining , but in fact they did not.


ethminer supports both green and red cards, that’s why a am using ethminer. Do you want me to use different miner? Do you think claymore or finminer are better?


I do not think, I know that they are better for red cards.


Right now i have AMD rx580 (which is red card) and i am using eth miner. I think my configuration looks fine. I don’t know why sometime i get NA as my hash rate. Is there any way to resolve NA issue?


I got an unpaid balance too


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