Hiveon scam me 10 eth

Hello all of you.
I participate in ETH mining at pool and my wallet address is
My miner mined almost 10 ETH but hiveon side didn’t pay me. I contacted support and waited for a week now, the support side has asked me to provide some information and I have met all the information they asked for. It’s been a week and they banned me from their telegram. Hiveon is a scam. Pay me now!


give me justice

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I see regulary payouts until 24th August… What does your payout-management under HiveOS say? For me personally I just can say that I was always paid out :man_shrugging:

Like it’s said here: Payment pending - #10 by vteckz

they locked my account and said my wallet is locked


I have same problem 0.3 ETH just stuck on pool. Hive is going scam…?

@Hima Nope. Easy enough for anyone to see the long list of outbound payments from HiveOn to Miners 2hrs ago. It repeats every morning when your account

  • is over the payout threshold by the processing cut off time
  • stale/“invalid” shares remained under 5% throughout

Assuming you have been over 0.1 ETH for 36+ hours, your account was locked automatically due to stale shares submitted. You’ll need to contact Support. Board posts imply Telegram is the quickest to respond:

One month and it’s still not paid. It’s so much money. :frowning: