Hiveon too many rejects

Dear Sirs! Before hive changed billing system i was mining on ethermine pool so i have something to compare. Same internet connection, same farms. The only difference is pool. For now i have 3-5% rejects on all farms. On ethermine i had about 0.01-0.05% rejects. I was mining on Asia ethermine pool. Since im living in Russian Far East and it is about near my location. But when ethermine had problems with Asia server i was mining on EU server and had about the same result. So whats a deal? Why i`m getting so many rejects?

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Did you try server in Russia?

No. Havent seen it before. Ill try

Users near Chelyabinsk reported better results vs Ethermine Asian server

Okay. I`ll reply after a few days. Thank you

After 1 hour of mining looks the same as other servers.

looks better on a long range

Where you from? Region?

Vladivostok. Looks better now. Thank you!

We’re looking place for Asian server too. Not sure that’s will be better for you but who’s know.