HiveOS and UEFI


I’m just installed my first RIG with a MSI M360-F PRO with 5 AMD RX580.
For my first test, I use only 3 card with no problem.
When adding other card, the system don’t boot anymore.
After many search, the motherboard disable legacy mode and it set with UEFI. The HiveOS image is not UEFI. I found some post to set my motherboard parameters but nothing works.

An HiveOS version supporting UEFI boot is it available ? in roadmap ? or any suggestion to work ?


I found a solution to enable UEFI boot for HiveOS.
Following this : grub2 - Is it still possible to install Ubuntu to an external harddrive with UEFI? - Ask Ubuntu

Act at your own risk, it’s working for me:

  1. Install HiveOS on a SSD like the standard install procedure.
  2. Boot on a Linux Live CD.
  3. Create an ESP Partition on the SSD (type ef, size 5GB)
  4. Format ESP Partition in FAT32
  5. Disable Bootable on the HiveOS Linux Partition.
  6. Enable Bootable on the ESP Partition.
  7. Mount HiveOS Linux partition under /mnt/rootfs
  8. Mount ESP Partitition under /mnt/esp
  9. Install Grub on the SSD (in /dev/sdb here):
grub-install --efi-directory /mnt/esp --boot-directory /mnt/rootfs/boot --target x86_64-efi --bootloader-id "Ubuntu" /dev/sdb

nice bro

What nice?

you have video about this/? I still can’t using this motherboard if morethan 4 gpu