HiveOs Billing Issue - 2 rig farm being charged now?

Not sure why Im not being invoiced for a farm with (2) rigs as of today Jan 19 2020. I know HiveOS just announced (4) rigs free now in 2020. Has anyone else had this issue also? How can this be corrected? thanks.

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I have the exact same issue. What is going on?


If you are mining a coin (ETH) on a Non-Hive Mining Pool, HiveOS will charge you a fee.
you are mining ETH on DwarfPool with HiveOS - instead of using HiveOn Mining Pool, HiveOS will charge you a fee for each mining rig that is mining ETH on a NON-HiveON Mining Pool.

Solution: Mine ETH on HiveOn Mining Pool - and you will not be charged for mining rigs. Just make sure in "Billing tab you have activated " Mine on HiveON mining pool and take 3% mining fee instead of direct pay to HiveOS to mine ETH.

This ONLY applies to ETH right now as that is the only coin HiveOn Mining Pool has to offer.

All small accruals on transition period when you joined to Hiveon pool will be undone and when stats from pool will be available for Billing system. It’s done one or several time in a day.