Hiveos cant find my 5th GPU

I’m running 5700xt Sapphires and I have 4 running like clock work but when I try to add a 5th it doesnt show up. It powers on. I mine. The 4 other’s show up. What am I doing wrong??

I guess you can find answer in BIOS of your MB
First at all check if 4G Abobe Decoding (or similar name) enabled.

Yep Enabled. I tried all the Gens too

Need more info than …
Screenshot of Hive’s dashboard, result of execution command lspci, etc …

Trying a few more things. I’ll report back. Thanks for the help. I ran that command and it was amazing. Didnt know that one. You have any other handy commands that are useful? I saw the list in the command window but that lspci command wasnt on there so I know you have some gems! Have a great weekend either way boss!

I’m getting an error now that there’s not enough resources. Insufficient PCI resources detected.

Try turn off in BIOS unuseful things for mining - HD Audio for example.