HiveOs -Gigabyte B250 Fintech + 12x RX580 8GB errors, freezes

hi Friends

Got a freeze problems with my Rig

Motherboard Gigabyte Fintech B250
Processor: Celeron 3930
8GB memory
12x Asrock RX580 8GB
PSU EVGA 850w (powering mother + 4 GPUS and their risers)
Server PSU 2400w (powering 8 GPUS and their risers)

The rig worked ok during 4 months.
Now, problems and more problems

The miner stops and freezes super randomly
1hour, 3hours, 12hours, 10min…

The freezes shows different errors on linux code : (more photos in the first comments)

Things i aready tried:

:arrow_right: Change Risers
:arrow_right: Re-write the hive image
:arrow_right: Change Pendrive for a SSD
:arrow_right: Change PSU (before the server psu was a EVGA 1000w GQ)
:arrow_right: lowering the core/mem and undervolt
:arrow_right: Taking off one card
:arrow_right: Take off all the SATA / molex from Risers. (all powered by PCIE)

ideas? What can i do to fix this?

no one?? :cold_sweat: