HiveOS goes offline after 5 minutes - Like all the time!

I have 3 HiveOS rigs installed and they ran for 10 hours perfectly then they went offline and I can only get them to run for 5 minutes at a time and the synchronously go offline after 5 mins. I’ve even stopped mining on boot up before the 5 minutes but they still go offline. I’ve also put them in maintenance mode and again still offline after 5 minutes. Internet is fine no problems there.
Any ideas? Can I retrieve logs somehow to troubleshoot? Any help appreciated.


Can’t really tell you much based on the information you’ve provided but I can try because I’m bored.

I’d start by downgrading to a version that you remember being stable and then begin troubleshooting. Check the web interface for logs. They are there on the web but also the mobile interface.

Are all three of these rigs plugged into the same power strip or on the same circuit? You might be tripping some fail safe features of your motherboard when your electric grid can’t meet the PSU demand.

Otherwise theres tons of threads on basic hardware troubleshooting here and other places on the internet; I guess thats step one is figuring out if its HiveOS or your hardware. Maybe try posting on reddit as most questions here are very specific to peoples setup which they disclose usually in the plea for help.

Thanks for being bored! :slight_smile:

I thought this might of been a known issue.
I’m new to HiveOS so not alot of experience with but I’m a techie so I can troubleshoot.
When I installed for the first on 2nd Jan 2021 and downloaded the HiveOS from the site the version is actually quite old 0.6-172@201104 - I assume I need to update or is that risky? Know a stable build number? Their definitely not plugged in together as I have 12 x 3 rigs. Power was fine on Windows. Is there a command I need to run to view logs? I know you can run a log command from the menu but I don’t think it gives much info. Any help there be great. thx

Linux uses more electricity per gpu. If you did not change any overclock settings then they are running at default voltages. You are probably pulling too much power. Probably invest in a power meter before you burn your house down. Goood luck.

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The thing is their not even mining when this happens. I have them in maintenance mode, I stopped the miners. I did have them on stock for that first 10 hour stint and I know not to trust the power on the web interface so maybe that could be something to consider. In saying that I have a 4th rig that’s not even setup that’s doing the same thing. I actually got smart plugs/w power but the wifi was too far away to pick up - I have these located on a business premises so can’t move it. Going to get an old router and connect to hub to setup a fresh wi-fi in the room their housed. Just need to travel out to them now :confused:

Rule 1 of GPU mining is to not run stock voltage setting on ANY card.

Yeah. Sounds like you’re in the deep end. How did you get here?

Your setup is so complicated and large that nobody here (myself included) will have time to help you troubleshoot, but you may have some equipment that is permanently damaged. You probably need to hire someone who you trust who can do these things for you in person if you want to avoid significant downtime and equipment damage while you trial and error troubleshoot something you don’t seem to know much about.

Myself, a computer programmer, building computers since i’ve been using them (think mid 90’s) took me 8 months to get comfortable with not burning down an office building. I’ve set a motherboard on fire twice, and fried two GPU’s and one PSU.

3 years later; what took me weeks to troubleshoot now takes 2 hours max, usually.

Are they offline on hiveos web app but still mining according to your pool? If so, I’m also encountering the same issue since yesterday