HiveOS hacked?


Hello everyone,

I am using HiveOS since 1 month now. I had not had any problems and I was happy of this OS.
But yesterday, something strange happened. My web interface was saying my rig is turned off. But, I go to check my rig, it is consumming like it was mining (the ris is plugged to a powercost) but for pools and Hive Web interface, it is turned off. I couldn’t acces to my rig with SSH anymore.
I rebooted my rig and everything is working fine again. But, 1 hour later, the same problem ! My pools were saying I was not mining, turned off in Hive Web Interface and not accessible with SSH.

Does someone hack of my rig ?

The used miners are Claymore Cryptonote (for mining Monero) and cpuminer-opt (for mining Unitus).
I read on Internet that Claymore got a security problems with network ports :

Does this issue still exist today ?

I will recreate a new USB key of Hive and I will upgrade it to 5.75 and I think to use xmr-stak.

Someone has any idea about my problem or this Claymore issue.

Thanks in advance