Hiveos on Laptop

Hi guys,

I have a laptop with RTX 3060m 6G, after I install Hive OS in the SSD, there is no display in my screen. Is the Hive OS suitable for laptops?


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Weel good morning, I mine on a laptop with Nvidia 3070 and it works well. Have aETH hashrate of 66MH/s after using isw for fan control and greenwithenvy for overclocking the GPU.

GitHub - YoyPa/isw: Ice-Sealed Wyvern


I have the same issue, anyone has solved this?

I think Hive OS does not work well on Laptop at the moment. I tried 2 laptops with RTX3060, it was the same issue

Try enabling display in hiveos. Worker option - > GUI enable

you need install the nvidia driver manual, I have same issue.

but I do alot to let the led off now, and it dose. haha…

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how? use ssh to get in and nvidia-install?

Good news. After the last update from hive, we can discard gwe, as the onboard overclocking feature enables stable overclocking
Core: 1190
Mem: 3500
Others set to 0

Results in 67.33 MH/s