HiveOS on Proxmox

Hi there,
Have anyone tried HiveOS on Proxmox VM?
If so, could you please guide me how you configured the VM and USB disk?

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also very interested if this is possible, or is there an ISO of HiveOS to upload into ProxMox?


hiveos is GPU+CPU management platform ( OS + Web platform )
the main purpose is to manage it remotely
using it in a virtual machine is totally pointless

not to mention you will need to vertualize every hardware
and AMD+ Nvidia does not support this on a consumer level hardware ( GTX, RTX, RX ) cards from them

don’t be ignorant with your negativity… learning is never pointless!

Hi all, this is very easy. I flashed the iso on USB drive and then passed through the USB drive to the Proxmox VM.
Then I passed through my 3070 to the hiveos.
And it works.

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